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This is Chrome version of QEMU by PNaCl. Restriction is still a lot. QEMU run in interpreter mode. So very very slow. But this is sandbox by PNaCl. So very very safety. If you need, you can do "clean install" with OS CD. (except NT4) But X11 GUI is almost NG. Tiny Core Linux is OK. QEMU support vhd format of VirtualPC. You can use it. In this case, you may need addtional install of Cirrus GD-5546. And uninstall VirtualPC addtion.


Google Chrome 43
ChromeOS (ARM CPU is not tested.)
CPU DualCore 2.6GHz Memory 1GB

Please allow "Store Files"

If you want to remove Store Files.
(1) address bar chrome://settings/cookies
(2) search this site ( neo.undead.space )
(3) delete by click 'X'


Install from Chrome Web Store

How to use

This is the same as the qemu-system-xxx of the original QEMU. It is compiled with most of the optional features to disable. So some arguments is not available. Click on the target CPU on the left side of the column of this page. Select option of qemu-system-xxx. And Click "make option". Drag and Drop the file which is ISO or OS. Since it is not possible to transfer multiple files at once, and then transferred one by one. Check option of qemu-system-xxx. And Click "HOST OS 32bit" or "HOST OS 64bit". Even if CPU is 64bit and host os is 32bit, click "HOST OS 32bit". Even if host os is 64bit and chrome is 32bit, click "HOST OS 64bit". Files that have been transferred here will remain as long as you do not want to erase the "Delete /qemu" button. In other words, even if off the power of the personal computer, you can start the qemu-system-xxx without transfer from the next time. If you customized by running,You may download the file that is transferred here.
Please refer to tips.

Source code and License

QEMU , glib , zlib , sdl , gettext , pixman

Source : Download


Even if damaged by the use of PNaCL QEMU, it does not take any responsibility.