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About idleencoder

GUI front-end for ffmpeg. ffmpeg is opensource video converter. idleencoder convert video file to mp4 or aac, etc. It is possible to convert to a lossless occasionally. If you only change container, you may use cut video. It is lossless. This is PNaCL Version.

About PNaCL

PNaCL is Portable Version of Native Client developed by Google. Native Client is program code that run on virtual pc created by Browser. Important thing,this virtual pc is sandbox. And therefore,we can run program code which is downloaded in internet, safely.


Google Chrome 49 or later. (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/ChromeOS)

1GB Memory

Reset storage for this site(Only Chrome)

(1) address bar chrome://settings/cookies
(2) search this site ( neo.undead.space )
(3) delete by click 'X'

How to use

Choose the format of the destination at left side of this page. Make the option of ffmpeg accordance with the guidance. Click "make option" and jump ffmpeg start page. If you need,you can add options. Drag & Drop video file

If process is successful, download button is appeared.

"Delete /tmp" button

Your upload file remain in browser. After download,click "Delete /tmp" button. Input file and Output file are removed.

format checker

Use ffprobe command.here

Chrome Apps

This aplication is Chrome Apps.

ffmpeg Version

ffmpeg version 3.0.1

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Source code

PNaCL FFMPEG Source code

Sample Video